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Solution Integration & Installation  

Speck leverages on its competence of systems integration in catering to the needs of providing solution and their installation. Some of the areas include Infrastructure & Utility Management, Situational Awareness & Battlefield management and a horde of areas in e-governance.

We derive our strength from the pool of resources, skilled to ideate, execute and deliver solutions, with a background of a rich domain & technical expertise, with hands-on project management capabilities

Our approach is client centric and specific. For a small enterprise which runs with couple of solutions for day-to-day business functionalities we use “Point-to-Point” also called “App-to-App”, which involves hand-coding integration, and typically takes place within an enterprise. This remains a tried-and-true method for moving data from one solution to the other.

Speck also develops and customizes Middleware – a layer between applications as one of its approaches in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

For details contact : T : +91 40 272 60116 F : +91 40 27260278 E : bhunirikshan@specksystems.co.in