Network Management System


With increased usage of IT and Communication Systems, security and protection of data has become a serious issue. To overcome these problems, it is essential to have a mechanism to monitor the activities of individual systems of any given network. The main concern is protecting the data from unauthorized users and takes necessary action in case of violation by authorized users.

Network Management System (NMS) developed by Speck Systems Limited (SSL) precisely addresses this space for monitoring and controlling the systems remotely at predefined intervals by an authorized user. Objective is real time monitoring of computers and devices connected to them in a network and take appropriate action in real-time.

A rich set of network tools are the key ingredients of NMS. The user interface of NMS provides greater readability at glance. NMS consists of a manager and one or more agents. The agent sets or retrieves the status information from a database known as Management Information Base (MIB) and are monitored and controlled by the manager using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) which follows the TCP/IP suite.

Key Features:

  • NMS provides information on interconnection units of organization.
  • It configures and monitors all the systems in a LAN and monitors systems over WAN.
  • It can remotely close application or a system.
  • Performance of hardware specific parameters of any system can be viewed as graphs.
  • Archives a record of all the systems that are connected in LAN over time.
  • Keeps a record of web surf history of users in a LAN.
  • Intimates the users and administrators with alerts upon insertion of removable device in systems over LAN.
  • Provides remotely execution of applications at scheduled times.
  • Generates and alerts with alarms for general, critical and error conditions.

Application Security

The System provides multi level password protection for checking the authentication of the user. The highest level of authority is given to the system user. The system user is allowed to perform any task on the system including user creation, creating macros, report generation and configuring the system. The second level of authorization is operator. A command authorization level is given to each of the commands for each device type. Before a command is sent, NMS confirms that the user has the authorization level to perform the command.

NMS alerts the user through the event specific alarms, when exceptional events happen.

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