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Counter Insurgency Management System (CIM)


In a world dominated by technology, security issues necessitate a robust information and Intelligence system in place. Both military and civil departments utilize the expertise and services of professional Intelligence agencies to provide voluminous data and information, However, such huge volume of data is difficult to manage and access at all times. It is precisely here that the Counter Insurgency Management System (CIM) can enable efficient and easy data access and retrieval, in addition to providing visual support on-screen of any given situation in real-time.

Speck’s Counter Insurgency Intelligence Management system (CIM) is an innovative digital map based system developed to meet the requirements of military, paramilitary and security forces to identify and plan any kind of counter insurgency activity. The system is developed based on modular and multi tier architecture in RDBMS (oracle 8i or later and MS-access), windows and .net environment and provides the interface to create, maintain and track all information related to anti-social activities

System Features

Information Capturing
Provides user interface for the end user to capture various information’s of Activist / Ogw, Informers and Incidents data in to the application.

Information Retrieval
Displays captured information on a Geo referenced map

Facilitates generation of various MIS reports based on User defined Parameters

Mobile Station
This feature captures Information through a Palm Top or Lapto and also supports at desktop

Local Server
Information obtained is maintained by integrating all Mobile Stations Data

Main Server
The Main Server functions as a Centralized Information Bank which can be connected to LAN, WAN and Web


  • Maintains detailed personal information such as organization, friends, relatives etc
  • Maintains detailed information about activities and actions
  • Maintains information about the incident which includes recoveries, casualties, fir details, documents from various sources
  • Maintains the information received from different sources
  • Maintains logistic and vulnerable locations of the terrains
  • Provides visual display of various activities on geo referenced map Provides all types of manipulation and measurement functions of display
  • Generates preformatted reports and returns


  • User defined access levels with customized Unique user ID with encrypted password privileges
  • Easy interface with existing hardware/software firewalls


  • Prevents loss of information
  • Easy management of records
  • Speedy retrieval of required information
  • Centralized information for all users
  • Protection from unauthorized access and alteration
  • Smooth integration with existing applications
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